Mom Word Vomit

Full Circle

I think. I worry. I hold it all inside. I question. I can be in such a deep mental funk and am not sure why or how I am going to get myself out of it. I can send myself down rabbit holes I have no business being down.

and then I see those sweet faces that I get to call mine. I hear those sweet voices that call me Mama. And I’m back to being the most thankful person in the world. I know everyday I am breathing is a great day.

I go to work and hear and see the struggles of my students. And I know the best thing I can ever do in this world is love my babies the best I know how. I am not perfect and I never will be. But I will always as long as I’m blessed with breathing be here for them. The world will give them enough to worry about. I hope I can give them an inner peace of knowing they are always supported, heard, and deeply loved.

Because they deserve that. As two very tiny humans right now they have given me that without even knowing it, and I will always try my hardest to be their light when it doesn’t seem like one is shining. The bond and dynamic of child and mother is a beautiful thing and it is unstoppable when it is able to come full circle. I hope I am blessed with enough time to see just that.  🖤

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