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I am happy you are here. Welcome to my awkward, public headspace. I am a Mama to two beautiful babies whose life is not what I pictured it being. I have no idea what I am doing besides loving my babies as fiercely as possible and trying to accomplish my dreams for them and for me.

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Sadie Dabney

Hi. I am a hot mess Mama who doesn’t have it all together, but sure am trying. My story is just one, but it is mine.

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This weekend I was traveling with my two littles to see my family. We were stopped at a light when you could see a group of individuals collecting donations. I never have cash but did that day. I rolled my window down and heard what they were supporting. The lady gave me a high five. I asked if she would give my daughter one too. She did and complimented by daughters red hair and how beautiful she was. This sparked the lady in the car next to us to chime in and tell me how beautiful of a baby I have. My daughter got to enjoy a conversation with a very kind stranger.

We ended up at the next stoplight together where she rolled her window back down and kept talking to us. We discussed how we graduated from the same college together.

It was pure kindness. Just a simple conversation. Just a few minutes. And it made my entire mood shift. To the random lady at the stoplight, the world needs more of you. Not afraid to be kind. Not afraid to roll your window down and talk to a random stranger. We were two completely different ages. We were two different races. Yet we had something in common. That we learned within a matter of seconds. I got to then talk to my three year old about this beautiful inside and out human who was kind to us. The rest of our drive involved a very eye opening conversation for both of us. I know the world won’t always be kind and she’ll get to see that. But for now, I can try my hardest to have these open, hard conversations about how the world may be, and how we can be.

To my alumni, stoplight friend, thank you. 🖤

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