BookLeesLLC, Author Sadie Dabney

Emotional Mama Creating Books

I am happy you are here. Welcome to my awkward, public headspace. I am a Mama to two beautiful babies whose life is not what I pictured it being. I have no idea what I am doing besides loving my babies as fiercely as possible and trying to accomplish my dreams for them and for me.

Most have heard of the potentially awkward Birds & Bees talk parents have to have with their kids. My children’s book brings a new definition to a BEE talk. Read about how a mother expresses that emotions are normal and helps break the mold that we, especially her son, should not talk about their feelings. She shows him how to let them out in a healthy way. Just like a bee who produces honey our feelings have the potential to aide in something beautiful (healthy communication) or ¬†both, our emotions and bees, can sting when not treated properly.
You’ve probably heard of the deep breathing technique to help cope with things… now add a fun twist to it for your kiddos with breathing in through your nose and buzzing out through your mouth like a bee.
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