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Hope is Hard

I am finding myself fixating on one word these days. One word that encompasses my mood or current state of mind. Today I drove an hour, kid free, and found myself focused on the word HOPE. I realized hope might be one of the hardest things. Often times what we hope  for might be dependent on someone else. I suppose that is why we call it hope. If it was something that we could control ourselves, we would talk about hardwork and determination. But hope… It fills us with a desire and one that we sometimes do not know how to face if not fulfilled.


I had a big name, IG influencer share my books today on her stories. She was kind enough to reply to me awhile ago and trust in me to send her my books. When I saw she tagged me, I filled with so much hope. Maybe this is my moment. Maybe this is how my name and books get out they’re. It is so hard to not get your hopes up sometimes.

This is where hardwork comes into play with the word hope. If it doesn’t work this time, I’ll keep trying. I believe in myself and my books enough to continue to try and put myself out there. My kids deserve that from me, too.

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