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I am happy you are here. Welcome to my awkward, public headspace. I am a Mama to two beautiful babies whose life is not what I pictured it being. I have no idea what I am doing besides loving my babies as fiercely as possible and trying to accomplish my dreams for them and for me.

M.O.M. Challenge

Sadie Dabney

Hi. I am a hot mess Mama who doesn’t have it all together, but sure am trying. My story is just one, but it is mine.

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Calling all the MOMS out there. Here is something for you to focus on DAILY. Damn it. Yes, daily! FOCUS ON YOU. You give so much of yourself everyday to your little humans and I applaud you for that. I know you wouldn’t have it any other way and it is also okay to need a moment to feel like YOU. Not Mom. But it’s so hard to separate the two.. and since it truly is so hard to find that separation, I am going to change your mindset. Stop trying to find a balance between the two. Let’s start normalizing being a Mom and being you. You don’t have to stop identifying as Mom to identify as yourself. Because I get it. Your kids make up the biggest part of your identity these days and that’s beautiful. Instead of seeking for the old you. Find the new you. The you that takes care of you and feels like a human all while still knowing your mom. Separating the two adds to your guilt! Mom guilt is bad enough as it is… don’t add unnecessary guilt to that. So enjoy yourself and moments of yourself without feeling guilty for “not being mom” for a second, hour, day, or weekend.

I challenge you to have a MOM moment everyday.



And I want to hear all about it. What did you do today for yourself?!?! No matter how small.


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