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Change is hard. As humans, we’re tossed into systems (school, sports, clubs, babysitters, etc) and are essentially forced to adjust. We become creatures of habit. Some of us seek adventure. Some of us seek routine. Nonetheless, change whether chosen or uncontrolled brings all kinds of feelings to the surface. Some people say change is good. Forces us to become okay with the challenging.

If that’s true, I am here to tell you that even if you’re being forced to face the change, you never have to do it alone. Seeking a friend, family member, or even a therapist… is encouraged. You are not a burden. There will be times where the roles might reverse and you are the strong one. Living life trying to find an equal balance of things will leave you exhausted. You have to find an internal peace. Not an external balance.

So again, change can be hard.. especially the unexpected kind. I am a full believer in living each day trying to be better than who you were yesterday. That’s the beauty of being a human… we have the ability to learn. As long as you’re trying to be better and do better with each day and lesson, you’re doing just fine. Live for you and your internal peace. Not for the external worlds reassurance.

Think about it like walking on a log. You’re trying not to fall into the water below. But what if you do? Let it ruin your day? Or soak in the moment? Laugh and just keep swimming.

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