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Words Matter

Words matter. I am not sure why anyone has ever tried to say any different. Sure… can we forgive? Yes. Can we further discuss the words and try to better understand why someone said what they said? Absolutely.

But not matter the context, words matter.

I pulled over from driving because a song came on and the need to type hit me. That is a simple reminder of the power of words. Ever repeat a song? Over and over? I do. And I do because it vibes with my mood at that moment in time. Whether it is my day. My chapter in life. I LOVE when I can replay a song over and over again. It reminds me I am not alone. It is the same with books. Reading helps us connect through words. I love to read in order to “escape reality” and by that I mean I can zone out into something that isn’t my own headspace for awhile.

The song on repeat today that hit me to my core says, “Out of touch with my feelings. I cannot help it if I am happy or sad. Today I cried for no reason.”

As an emotional human, I felt that.

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