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It is time… almost. My third children’s book is almost done and ready to purchase. When my daughter was two, she went through a big “I can’t” phase. I always replied, “I can’t, YET” and explained to her one day she hopefully would be able to. From that routine of ours sparked my idea for a children’s book. I know there are I can’t, YET books out there but this one is different. It adds a fun twist to the idea that will hopefully help kids remember and help implement a growth mindset at a very young age.

Cozy up this winter with this book and spark some meaningful conversations with your babies. Stay tuned for when it is available! As a self-published author, production takes time. You do not want to wait on getting your hands on this book. I truly believe this one might be the next big hit in the children’s book world.

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book cover mockup for BookLeesLLC Author Sadie Dabney

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