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Think About Perspective

I am in a trauma informed professional development course and one of the assignments had us watch a video with Oprah Winfrey. She was discussing what every human craves. She said it comes down to love. Every human needs to be loved.

I agree with her. Whether a person can identify that or not.. humans need to be loved. I know that seems so simple. Such a basic need and thing… but is it??

You can tell someone you love them.. saying the three words doesn’t seem so hard. Right? Whether it’s a parent, friend, sibling, spouse, child.. stating I love you isn’t hard.. the hard part is knowing if the other person on the other end of those three words FEELS it. You might feel it. You might truly believe you love someone, but is that enough? It’s all about perspective. Does the other person perceive your actions and words as love? Do they feel loved by you?

This is all old news. I mean there’s a book on the four love languages for a reason. Just something that resonated with me from the trauma course. My course is about working with students, but Oprah’s comment obviously has me going down a rabbit hole about love in general. Loving someone is so important, but so is pausing to think about their perspective. It might be just as important to ask them what they need to FEEL loved by you.

Communication yet again goes a long way in the world. 🖤

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