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How Do We Always Give Our All?

I saw on  one of Good Morning America‘s many Instagram post that they were asking for advice on how Moms are always able to give their all to everyone who needs it. So of course my wheels starting turning. How do we do it? How do we continually find the energy even when there is none? As a Mom of two, I genuinely do not know. I watch my friends be Moms. My coworkers be Moms. My Mom be Mom and now Mema. Whether you are a stay at home Mom, a work from home Mom, a work outside of the home Mom, a Mom who has a Nanny and help, a Mom who is fighting the battle to get back to her kids in some capacity… no matter what label of Mom this world has put on you, please know you are amazing. Nothing you do is easy. In fact, everything you do is exhausting. Because the reality is whether you’ve done anything within the day you are always doing something. Our Mom brains do not shut off. There is always a question, worry, or thought in our head.. whether it is our to-do list, replaying an interaction we had with our kids, questioning whether you are raising them right, worrying that they are breathing, creating some irrational situation in your head where you worry about something that is probably not going to become reality… I could sit on the couch for 24 hours and still be exhausted. The mental space of being a Mom is almost more exhausting than the physical. Yet we do it. We show up when we need to. We push down our own feelings and needs when we need to. We take cold medicine and shake it off.


So to anyone who happens to read this… I believe in you. You are doing great. If your kids are loved, there is not much more they can ask for. It is okay to find time for you. It is okay to reach out to someone and ask for help. It is okay to state how you feel. It is okay to share what you need. YOU are important. YOU need to be the best you that you can be to keep going for you and your kiddos. You are never alone. Even in the darkest of times when you feel alone to your core, I promise you that someone can relate. You need to find your people. Comment here and I can be your person. Find my Insta and message me.


And remember, this journey may be exhausting, but how blessed are we to know the love of our children? Whether you’ve been gifted children naturally, with medical help, through surrogacy, adoption, fostering, however the means that you became Mom, I know the love you have for your children runs the deepest it can and again, how lucky are we to know the love of our children? I have found no better feeling and where being a Mom is exhausting, it also fills my cup in a way I never knew existed until becoming Mom. This chapter will go quick. You will continue to blink and your littles will slowly get bigger and bigger. One day I believe we will look back and barely remember this level of exhaustion but we will most definitely remember the level of love and joy watching our little humans grow gave us. Hang in there, Mama. I see you.


*I know there are Dads out there doing it all, too. I am not here to discredit you. I am just not a Dad. I imagine a lot of these things apply to you, too but I am a firm believer in never speaking for anyone else. My words here are my words and my experiences. I appreciate any involved parent whether you are Mom or Dad.

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