Mom Word Vomit

Be You Without Apology

Yesterday what was taking my mindset were words. Other peoples words. About me. I gave them enough power to consume my mind for days. My attitude was affected.

Today, I woke up missing my two small humans, and was hit with a different mindset. How dare I operate as mother as life is too short for anything but happiness. How dare I want my kids to be whoever they want to be and not let others determine that for them. How dare I counsel kids and tell them not to let others bother them. How dare I counsel kids and tell them to be themselves. And yet here I was letting others do that to me. I’ve spent a lot of time in life going through motions. I am a people pleaser by nature. A giver at heart. If you’re happy, it makes me happy.

But today as I sit here, missing the biggest piece of heart, who is usually in my backseat… I am realizing I need to show them how to be genuine. How to process and cope with the words others might throw their ways. How to face their mistakes. How to own who they are. And that finding their happiness is what life should be about. They deserve that. I can be a kind person and a giver while still having boundaries. I need to show my children how to not let the cruel moments of life have control over them.

Anyone out there struggling to not let others have control of your internal peace? 👋 It is okay. Remember they are not the ones in your head, heart, and body everyday. You are the only one who has to close your eyes every night happy with who you are and the choices you make. We were not made for the entire world to understand us and our choices. That’s why we are all different. And it is okay. This world likes to use differences to tear people apart… so as hard as it is, don’t let those individuals tear apart your internal peace. The world does enough of that for us.

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