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I am happy you are here. Welcome to my awkward, public headspace. I am a Mama to two beautiful babies whose life is not what I pictured it being. I have no idea what I am doing besides loving my babies as fiercely as possible and trying to accomplish my dreams for them and for me.

Hard Days as a Mom

Sadie Dabney

Hi. I am a hot mess Mama who doesn’t have it all together, but sure am trying. My story is just one, but it is mine.

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I love my kids more than anything. I often say motherhood is the best, yet hardest journey I have been on and I have been through some. I want nothing but the best for my kids, but showing them and giving them the best if often so damn hard. I am starting to realize that taking care of myself is what will help me achieve that. But how do I do that when I am always needed? and I want to be needed? Yet I want a minute to myself? Balancing all of that is hard. I have realized that right now my kids are in a chapter of life that as long as they feel and know they are loved, I am doing okay. I am learning to accept who I am and all I can give. Father’s Day always puts me in my feels as I am missing my right hand, go-to man, and my daughter is in an age where she asks repeatedly about him and where he has gone… I love that. I do. I want her to remember him even though she will never fully know his joy and who he shaped me to be. But again, damn it gets hard. Being strong for my kids does not mean I do not show emotions. Being strong for my kids means I show emotion and I help them see and learn what I am feeling and how I am handling it. You’ve got this parents. It isn’t easy, but it is so damn worth it.



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